200 Ouklip Avenue, Helderkruin
Roodepoort, South Africa
011 958 0473

Our Mission and Vision

We believe if all people stand together we can Educate and Create a Vision for Young people to be Empowered to be the best they were created to be, without a Vision a Nation Will Perish.

We assist in the new Educational drive in South Africa. Our teams are young and vibrant and we create a relaxed working environment, by serving the need to serve others.

Creating a place for all students to grow, achieve, become the Vision they have set out for themselves. This can only be done, by creating and enabling the tools necessary for them to become just that Vision.

Edu-Vision, enables, young people to be tutored, motivated, encouraged and become educated by the Standard Testing for all areas of Education.

Edu-Vision is a subsidiary of the LATIM Group Pty Ltd.
LATIM Group Pty Ltd, has embarked on a new venture, to assist children and parents with their educational skills in the Information Technology sector.
We have established dealers in different areas to assist us with spreading information regarding educational software as well as our new Children’s Android Tablet.

We are also busy writing children’s assistance sheets ages 4 – 13 years.
Education is the corner stone of growth and creating strong imaginative individuals. Our current software is for ages 4 to 18 years focusing on, reading, spelling, and maths.

A new manual will be available end of September for people not computer literate in. Excel, Word, and also, information on how to work, IPad’s, Tablets and most technological devises and software. Our aim is it encourage all ages to join us in becoming IT ready. We have already made exams available for subjects: Maths, Science (Afr and Eng) Grade, 4 – 12

For more information on the LATIM Group please contact us.