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Remedial Test

Due to the costs for Remedial Therapists, and the time consuming exercise, we have written a Remedial app to be done online for Children ages Grade 1 to Grade 7.

Remedial App: Designed and written by Daleen Jansen van Vuuren (25 Years Remedial Therapist)

The test was based on a number of different tests. I must state that the test was only based on these tests and not used in its original format. It was modified to evaluate specific problems in learners and was adapted to be used electronically. I do have the remedial qualifications as well as 20 years experienced in Remedial therapy and in Remedial testing.

The following test was used as a basis to this remedial test:

  • Spelling: UK/UCT Graded spelling test / Schonell & Burt
  • Word Recognition: RGN Diagnostic tests and UK/UCT Graded reading test
  • Comprehension: Nealy Analysis and TOD
  • Mathematics: Gr 1 – 3 Young , Gr 4 – 7 Vernon

Remedial Therapists can charge in the region of R1 500 – R3 500, for testing and the feedback.

We have done this by allowing each and every child to be able to afford this test and understand their current situation, by charging an online fee of R375.00.

Once the tests are done, we can recommend apps from our Business partners to assist these children in getting up to their age and grade, and not feel left behind.

We are Via Africa’s only online partner that supply the recommended apps for children to get tutored by the best.